About us


About us

             Sawmill "MARKISTO" was established on 02 August 1996. The primary activity of our sawmill is producing beech elements intended for export to European Union countries (Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark).

The production capacity is located in an area of 4000 m2 of which 2000 m2 is covered area under halls and is located in v.Leskoec – 6000 Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia and sales area of 2000 m2 and is located at the exit of Ohrid to Bitola.

              On Macedonian market our sawmill is represented by unsteamed and steamed, dried and fresh beech lumber, construction lumber from spruce / pine / white pine (planks, beams, slats). Also we have and parquet beech and walnut. Parquet is dried in a dryer and is thermally treated completely, with an electronically controlled drying process. We have high calorie beech briquettes which possess a certificate of extra class quality briquettes. Briquette is pack in nylon bags weighing 12 kg. Briquette have calorific value of 18,156 kJ / kg and is intended for industrial use and home use.

             Sawmill "MARKISTO" has its own chamber and dryer for wood, where produce material for carpentry humidity of 8-12% depending on the needs of customers.

As a final product in a wide range of products is production of wooden pallets with dimensions optional purchase and standard 80x120 cm.

              The main goal of our company is to maintain existing markets and products, and to conquer new markets that will offer new products and keep the high quality of our products, quality is that what makes us different from others.